On You Tube. 

My choice of best Lee Krasner videos. The list only gives ones where she is speaking or where her.work is well chosen, and none with commentary!

  1. LK in her own words. Good, too, on her collages

  2. LK. Painter. Mini bio

  3. Robert Miller. A good gallery show.

  4. LK. Uploaded by Niall Dickinson. Grateful thanks to him. Some work you won’t find elsewhere.

  5. A German gallery, 20 October 2019. German commentary didn’t bother me. Paintings shown not usually seen, good variety, collages.


I recommend following James Kalm on YouTube.  He bikes round the New York galleries and films the shows.  Some work not at all what we see over here, but it’s interesting to see what is going on there.  Some shows fabulous.