Recently in the early stages of painting a new canvas it was apparent that whatever directs the process was holding out for a different approach. (Very unreasonably not actually making clear what was to be different). And so I just had to follow the dictates of each moment to discover what that was. Some may not look so different to you but still, as I’ve worked it’s felt as if I’m pulling them out of a different place, from another cupboard, because for me a lot is new. Of course I’m not alone, the work of almost all artists periodically goes through changes, often radical ones. At any rate painting continues to be like a one-woman expedition to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Here are the results of my recent labours. I’ve enjoyed their evolving, it’s been exciting, stimulating, puzzling, and I should say that they still pass my ultimate test, ‘Do I like it?’

That’s what their creation has been like at my end – and now it’s over to you and all the kind people who visit my website, studio or shows to make of them what you will. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the new ones.