Having a Project

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016 in Inspiration


When I even say the word ‘project’ to myself I immediately have a sensation of gathering in.   It’s as strong as that, collecting all of myself together from where I’ve become scattered. Why? Well I see it as a signal to all my resources that are going to be called upon to contribute. Even though the project has not yet been specified every part is on its toes. It’s an eager thing; much will be expected and there will be difficulties, great ones most likely.

For me, it’s nearly always going to be beginning a new painting, but recently it was a trip to the States. Either way, the mental lists start to arrive haphazardly – contingencies, risks, the serious stuff; and then mental images, imaginary scenarios, colours, faces – which will vary for each of us. But the best thing about a project, and mostly it only happens on the ones involving creativity, is the new stuff that will begin to evolve out of our dark creative recesses as we work inside the project. That is, the new arises only while we are working.. Invention! Outrageous originality – yet just possible? Of course. But it’s what will make your project end exultantly.

But the key is to keep going, work through the probs. Often, I’d say almost every time, I reach a point in a painting where I say, very seriously, ‘I’m going to have to abandon this’. I imagine sending an image to a friend for advice or get ready to paint white primer over the whole thing (I’ve done both!) But now I don’t do any of that. I’ve learned at long last what to do. It’s simple. I carry on putting on the paint.

I don’t want to go into goals or aims, audience, or fine details of how things should go. That will call upon our resource concerning ability to work carefully and with patience. There’s also the question of whether a specific resource of mine will be up to its job or is a likely weak spot.

If the project is something that has to be treated with respect and responsibility, such as a medical or psychotherapy case, or legal or teaching, then fluidity has to give way to commitment, research. But, there will still be room for invention and brilliance! But right here the project has been to write this, my first blog, for you to find on my lovely new website. I hope it’s been a good read.